Christmas Door Wreaths are the most popular type of outdoor wreath especially when used during the holiday season.

christmas door wreaths

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These Christmas door wreaths provide the perfect opportunity to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Hanging a Christmas wreath on a door or a wall is almost as essential to decorating for the festive season as setting up a Christmas tree. The two traditions actually come from the same place.

The tradition of bringing evergreens home during the winter began in the sixteenth century among eastern and northern Europeans — with Germans commonly credited with starting the Christmas tree custom.

christmas door wreaths Front door decorated for the holidays

During this period of time, pruning the tree was a part of the grooming procedure.

The Limbs of the chosen evergreen tree were often cut off so it could to fit into the room, also to make the tree’s shape more uniform.

Instead of throwing the branches of greenery away, the Europeans used the excess left over branches to make wreaths.

Despite the Christmas wreaths widespread popularity today, the wreath started with humble beginnings.
During this period of time there was very little that was ever wasted.
Unfortunately we now live in a throwaway culture.

The Christmas wreath was born out of the habit of not throwing things away.

Christmas door wreaths front porch decorated

Evergreen branches of the wreath came to represent the strength and perseverance of people during difficult times of famine and war.

Evergreen trees were a species looked upon with awe and admiration, since they, unlike most living things, survived the harshness of winter.

The trees appeared in abundance in northern and eastern Europe, and people brought them into their homes.

The evergreen branch was a symbol to these early European people of power, of resilience, and of hope.

The circular shape and the evergreen material make the wreath a representation of eternal life.

The birth of the Christmas wreath came from this old tradition.

Beautiful Ideas For Christmas Door Wreaths

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Christmas wreaths are most well known as decorative pieces that add that special touch to Christmas yuletide season.

 Choosing Outdoor Christmas Door Wreaths


Today these Christmas door wreaths can be bought in specialty stores where there are a variety of styles, sizes and prices available.

Most are **artificial christmas wreaths** but look realistic, as they are decorated with dried or silk flowers, artificial berries or holly.

These ringed garlands have become a significant part of the holidays as the possibilities are endless for unique and creative ideas to accent your Christmas holiday home decor.

A fresh cut or real Christmas door wreath is often crafted from pine, cedar, fragrant balsam and fir, but can also be made from dried leaves, dried twigs, branches, and a mixture of dried flowers, with some using preservatives to extend the life of the wreath.

The advantage of artificial Christmas wreaths is that with proper care and storage, it can be used every year.

Most of these wreaths are high quality and extra touches can be added such as berries, bows, silk flowers, bird decorations and more.

You can also purchase lighted Christmas wreaths as well.

These Christmas wreaths with lights add a touch of elegance and follow the old traditions of hope and eternal life.

With a fresh live Christmas wreaths, the benefits are that the fragrance is wonderful while trees are not destroyed to produce the wreath. Evergreen branches are pruned for the wreaths and will grow back, and in addition, a real christmas door wreath can be recycled.

If you are on a budget there are quite a few cheap Christmas wreaths available.

However, you can still adorn your house with beautiful Christmas Door Wreaths by making your own homemade Christmas wreaths.
These homemade wreaths can be made of live evergreen boughs or alternatively you can beautiful artificial Christmas wreath by visiting your local craft supply stores or dollar stores.

Christmas door wreaths

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