Are you looking for some special Christmas Gifts For Knitters on your list?

Christmas Gifts For Knitters

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Christmas Gifts For Knitters – 30 plus Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year where you need a present for the person on your gift list that loves knitting.

You could possibly buy them a necklace or a new phone but really secretly all they really want are gifts that will satisfy their passion for knitting.

It’s really challenging when it comes to choosing a present for a friend or someone in your family that loves knitting especially if you really not into crafts of any kind.

How about the knitter on your list who has everything!

First of all, just to let you know knitting is not only for Grandma. I realize if you don’t knit, all of this knitting stuff in not on your radar.
There are some really cool knitting accessories and gear out there.
One thing for sure is a knitter can never have enough yarn, needles, or tools to help them create.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts for knitters that they will be super excited to get.

I’ve included a list of best gifts for knitters.

This gift guide some of the best unique gifts for knitters that will suit a wide range of tastes.

A Gift Guide – Christmas Gifts For Knitters

Buying Christmas gifts for knitters can be as easy as going to your local yarn store and getting a gift certificate for yarn. What knitter ever has enough yarn?

Another great gift for the person on your Christmas gift list that absolutely loves knitting is maybe a subscription to Audible, so while they are busy knitting they can listen to their favorite books. Try Audible Premium Plus and Get Up to Two Free Audiobooks

This Old World Christmas Knitting Ornament is hand crafted from molten glass and is mouth=blown into a finely carved mold of a skein of yarn.

This KNITTING YARN ORNAMENT measures : 3. 75 x 1. 75 x 1. 75 inches.

This would make a wonderful keepsake ornament for anyone who loves knitting.

Curved Knit Blocking Combs


This set has 25 Curved Edge Combs for Blocking Knitting.

The set also comes with 100 extra T-pins.

  • The 8-pin combs are approx. 3 inches long and the 4-pin combs approx. 1.5 inches long.
  • The entire set comes in a plastic box with top which measures approximatly 6 inches by 3 inches by 2inches.

Blocking Mats for Knitting


LAMXD Blocking Mats for Knitting are extra thick blocking boards with grids.

Knitting Yarn Bag Storage Organizers Make Awesome Christmas Gifts For Knitters

Having an efficient tote organizer bag with lots of storage, big enough to hold multiple yarn projects.

If you like bags and if you like being organized,then this is the bag for you. Make sure you look at the different sizes.

  • The large size is quite big but this means it’s very roomy with loads of pockets for patterns and accessories
  • Premium quality
  • Made of strong lightweight durable material
  • Protective cover

It’s also great for taking on road trips, keeping your knitting project and tools available and really well organized.

Stitch Happy Knitting Bag

This 7 Pocket Yarn Bag is a great bag for knitters!
This is a perfect size bag for traveling.

All in all these storage bags make great Christmas gifts for knitters!


Yarn Bowls Make Beautiful Christmas Gifts For Knitters

Yarn bowls are fantastic for placing a ball of yarn inside. They not only keep your yarn clean but also makes knitting much easier.

Umbrella Swift or a Yarn Winder

An umbrella swift or a yarn winder is very great tool that’s a little more expensive and that is why a lot of knitters shy away from buying them.

If you don’t buy a lot of yarn in hanks (typically the more expensive hand-dyed yarn), you’ll never need one.

If the person you are buying a gift for doesn’t have one then this would make an awesome gift.

Big Yarn Ball Holder Set

A Yarn Ball Holder is superb gift idea for any knitting lover!

BarvA Big Yarn Ball Holder Set One Lb Cupcake Spindle Sewing Thread Base Fiber Crocheting Tool Wool Skein Cord Organizer Ribbon Tape Rope Storage Lazy Susan Stand Knitting Embroidery Accessory Gift

Knitting Yarn Holder is ideal to use if you don’t want to keep chasing your ball of yarn around the floor

LED Neck Reading Light

These Neck Reading Lights are absolutely wonderful!

This is a fantastic design to knit with while sitting and watching TV.

You can still knit and not disturb others in the room with the light.

You put this LED light around your neck to shine on your knitting. It has 3 brightness settings, is extremely comfortable and directionally adjustable.

Neck Reading Light Case

If you are giving a LED neck reading light you might want to give a case to go with the light.

However, be aware that this is just the case.  If  a gift, you might consider getting the matching case for easy storage.

Lamps For Knitters

If you are looking for a floor model or desk lamp for your knitting or crafts, these make great gifts.

Stitch Markers for Knitting


This set of 5 Bird Stitch Markers  would make a special Christmas gift for knitters who also love birds.

These Silver Knitting Stitch Markers would make an excellent stocking filler.

Knitter’s Charm Bracelet

Looking for an inexpensive gift for the knitter on your list? This stainless steel bracelet is hypo allergenic and won’t rust, change color or tarnish.

Super cute knitter’s Christmas stocking filler!

Unique Leather Measuring Tape Cuff Bracelet

This Wrist Ruler Bracelet is a super cute,  way to keep a useful tool to measure the length of a project when knitting on the go.

This bracelet is not precise measurement as it’s made out of leather, however it makes a unique gift for any knitter.

Knitter’s Pride Row Counter

Knitters can watch their favorite tv program and not lose count of their row or stitches. A great inexpensive gift!

Stitch Counter

Easy to use, lightweight and can be worn around your neck or attached to my clothing.

The Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha-Kacha makes it so much easier to keep track of where you are on a knitting project.

Knitter’s Pride Knitting Needles set

This Knitter’s Pride Knitting Needles set is an excellent present for yourself or the special knitter in your life!

Portuguese Knitting Pin for Knitters

Teal and Beige Bohemian Mandala Design

Knitting Yarn Guide Rings

The package comes with 8 adjustable knitting loop rings in 4 styles.

These rings are not only fun to wear, they also help keep steady tension on your yarn when you are knitting.

Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible


This is a must have book for experienced knitters. The knitter on your list will love this book!

The book is filled with beautiful patterns with well written instructions.

But take note these patterns are not for beginners!

Knit Picks Wood Straight Single Point Knitting Needle Set

These wood needles have a nice grip and slip.A knitting lover never seems to have enough knitting needles.

Knitting Gauges

Knitting needle gauge’s precise holes are perfect for measuring knitting needles.

We hope you found our Christmas Gifts for knitters – Guide Gift helpful in finding the perfect present for the person on your list who loves to knit!
christmas gifts for knitters

And if you’re still searching for the perfect gift, check out our other articles – they may offer an even better idea!

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