There are so many gardening gifts for men who enjoy puttering in the garden or in the yard. & gardener enthusiasts.

We all know someone who has a green thumb, a man that takes great care of his plants and flowers.

That is why we have put together a list of gifts for gardeners and gardener enthusiasts to make sure they are taken care of.

We have found gift ideas no matter what your  budget may be.

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Gardening Gifts For Men –  Tools, Gadgets and More!

Men seem to love tools and gadgets, well at least the ones I know.

If they are not puttering in the garage, backyard or garden, they are comfortably reading a book, browsing the web or watching tv.

So why not indulge them in a gift that they will actually use and enjoy.

From the grandeur to the simple stocking stuffer we have plenty of gardening gift ideas for garden lovers on your list.

So let us start with some tools that will make their gardening jobs a little easier.

Gardeners simply love to grow. Whether they focus on vegetables or flowers or both, most gardeners are in sync with the seasons and nature.

They’ll love any gift that makes gardening more efficient or more fun , as well as things that help them to enjoy their yard more.

Inexpensive Gardening Gifts For Men Under $30

Looking for stocking stuffers or just a few inexpensive gifts? You’ll find some neat ideas below.

If you want an inexpensive gift for an outdoor gardener, you might consider a good hygrometer. These can tell you how dry or wet the soil is, keying a gardener in on when they should water and when they shouldn’t.

These can be bought with other built in functions as well, such as sunlight and pH detection, allowing a gardener to get even more information on their soil conditions. Soil acidity and moisture is key to good gardening, so these can be very helpful.

Books as Gardening Gifts For Men

Garden Books make for amazing gifts!

When it’s cold and blustery outside who doesn’t enjoy reading books on gardening.

Most gardening books are inexpensive and can be cherished for years.

And to go along with these books why not pick up a Gardening journal for him to plan and keep track of all his gardening efforts. This is a gift he will bring out year after year.

His Garden Plans, Ideas, Pictures, all in one Garden Planner Journal! It’s the perfect gift for anyone that Loves Gardening!

This UNDATED 272 page GARDEN PLANNER JOURNAL and LOG BOOK is designed to make garden record-keeping simple and easy.

For Those Hard Working Hands

Gardening can be rough on your hands and this gift box of Burt’s Bee Classics will really be appreciated.

Ergonomic Hand Rake Gardening Tools

This weeding tool is especially good for anyone with arthritic hands.

Garden Genie Gloves with Claws

Perfect for digging and planting!

These garden gloves are made with 4 strong and durable ABS claws on each hands, easy for you to do all the yard work like digging, planting, weeding and seeding.

Funny Coffee Mug Makes a Great Gardening Gift For Men

Funny Plant Markers

Humming Bird Houses

Soil PH Meter as a Inexpensive Gardening Gift For Men

 Awesome Gifts To Spice Up Your Garden & Gardener!

If you are a gardener and you have a difficult time picking out a present for your gardening friend, look no further.

We have compiled some of the coolest gardening gifts for your consideration.

Gardening Tool Sets

The Scuddles Garden Tool Set construction and materials first rate. The tools from this kit seem durable and strong.

Scuddles gardening 9 piece garden Tools set bag includes Multiple Gardening tools: transplanting spade, trowel, rake, cultivator, weeder tool and garden sprayer, and a soft cushioned knee pad.

Gardening Tool Set with Zippered Detachable Tote and Folding Stool Seat

A cool gardening gift set to get started with would be this 10-piece Gardening Tool Set with Zippered Detachable Tote and Folding Stool Seat with Backrest all-in-one. It includes a gardening seat with backrest, zippered detachable tote , trowel,  transplanter, cultivator,  weeding fork and a weeder, 1-pair of cotton gloves , a sprayer , 1PC 50-meter bind line.

Kneeler and Seat Gardening

Most gardeners love to sit or rest a bit while gardening, these seats are really versatile. These are multipurpose aids for any gardener, but especially the older gardeners. The padded kneeler makes it possible to work at ground level in comfort. When it is time to stand, there are handles on each side to help. Flip the kneeler over and the handles become legs and the kneeler becomes a seat.

You can either sit on them or flip them over and use them as a kneeing pad.

Here’s a few that are very popular.

Wheeled Gardening Seat

While we are on the topic of seat gardening,

Here’s the perfect solution for the aging gardener who wants to continue gardening but is struggling with mobility.

It’s a wheeled garden seat that can transport you to your favorite spot without all that heavy lifting!

These mobile seats aren’t exclusively for older people, some gardeners never feel comfortable kneeling to prune or sow, but they’re particularly kind on joints as they reduce the need to kneel and bend for long periods.

If you know somebody who spends long hours tending to flowerbeds, this could be a helpful gift.

Self-Watering Planters

For eco-friendly gardeners out there, you can’t go wrong with the  Self-Watering Planter!

This planter is designed to require no weeding or watering by utilizing an elevated planting bed with a water reservoir at the bottom of the box that self-fills from below when

Indoor Hydroponic Garden

For an avid gardener you might consider getting them an indoor hydroponic garden.

These allow you to grow plants inside your home easily, which is especially useful in kitchens to consistently have fresh herbs available.

They have their own light and water sources, so you don’t need to worry about how much sun they’re getting and you only need to refill the water every so often.

Garden Tool Belts

Garden Tool Belts save you more going back and forth to the garden shed for forgotten tools. The man on your list might wear a tool belt for construction but this tool belt was designed with the gardener in mind.

Affordable gift but yet so useful!

Garden Greenhouse

Green houses are a great idea for as a gift for a gardener. You can never have too many mini green houses to extend your gardening season.

This 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse is ideal for decks, balconies, small backyards, and courtyards to provide protection from weather conditions. It’s  easy to set up and  light and easy to move around when its empty.

A Garden Potting Bench

Most gardeners make do with working on any raised surface or building their own bench but if your gardening friend isn’t a handy man what a great gift this would be to have a garden work bench with room for tools, bins for soil and storage for pots.

Raised Table Height Gardens

These are simply raised beds on legs. They are perfect for the wheelchair gardener or any gardener who can’t go to ground level. If you have a gardener on your gift list who is having to give up gardening because of physical limitations, this may be the best gift ever.

Gardening Aprons

A garden apron is usually constructed from heavy-duty fabric and has lots of pockets for tools, seed packs, etc. Look no further when you are stumped for a gardening gift for a loved one.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Taking good care of your lawn is of utmost concern for many homeowners. They like to show that they care about their appearances, and so they don’t let their lawn get overgrown very easily. Besides lawns are beautiful backdrop for all your gardens.

Lawn mowers are essential for yard care. If he doesn’t have an upgraded, cordless lawn mower yet, then he needs one!

Compost Container

Compost Containers come in many cute designs as well as stainless steel models or ceramic containers. They have a lid to prevent odors as well as to prevent bugs like fruit flies. Many have a filter as well. This is a useful convenience for the gardener/cook.

The aesthetic designed 1.6-gallon stainless steel compost bin features a secure lid that blocks smell, while also ensuring flies, insects, and other pests can’t get into your recyclable waste. It is made of sustainable acacia wood. Nice enough to keep on your counter.

Garden Compost Bin Tumbler

If the gardener on your gift list is finding turning the compost pile more difficult, a perfect gift for him would be a compost bin tumbler. These bins quickly recycle veggie scraps and garden debris to create rich compost that plants love.

This is a barrel type container that has a crank to turn it. As the bin revolves, the composting material is mixed. This is much easier than having to turn the compost with a fork or shovel.

The compost tumbler is a simple gadget but it can transform a man’s efforts in the garden.

From Miracle-Gro, this dual-chamber compost tumbler allows composting enthusiasts to process two separate batches at the same time for a steady flow of fresh compost. While one chamber stays closed to finish processing, owners can steadily fill the other side.

Garden Shredders

A garden shredder turns the most hard and awkward of garden materials into fine, compostable chippings. With its portable wheels and powerful blades it can shred garden waste in any location.
This makes the perfect gardening gift for men during those big garden clear ups at the end of the year.

Depending on the size of your yard you might need a garden shredder for him that is a little larger.

Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Takes the hard work out of  pruning. Perfect gift for anyone who has a lot of trimming to do!

Garden Carts

This lawn and garden cart features a quick release dump feature making it quick and easy to unload. The Gorilla dump cart is a great alternative to a traditional heavy-duty wheelbarrow as it’s lightweight and super easy to maneuver.

Gardening Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

There really is no such thing as the gardener who has everything.

Nowadays, most people have a lot of things on their shopping lists.

However, finding a perfect gift for a loved one can sometimes be a difficult task.

If you think that the task is too daunting, you have to remember that there are always new tools being invented, new gardening books written and new plants developed.

Another idea is to adopt an old tree with your loved one’s name on it in order to make it part of the family.

That way they will always think of your loved one when they look at their tree!

Robotic Lawn Mower

If you want to really get the best gardening gifts for him, then look no further than the Robot Lawn Mower.

This has to be one of the best gifts for the man who has everything! There will be no complaining about mowing the lawn again.

This Husqvarna robotic lawn mower has a powerful mower that keeps the lawn short and tidy while its owner is off doing other things.

It doesn’t even matter if your yard isn’t a perfect square or even flat. The Husqvarna has GPS navigation to help it manage complex yards. Unusual gifts for him don’t get much better than this.

Smart Garden Sprinkler Controller

How about smart sprinkler to add to our list of the gardening gifts for men? This smart sprinkler controller is one of the best gardening gifts for him.

No matter where your gardening man is they can easily water their flowers by using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simply download the Rachio App and it will take care of all your garden watering needs.

By in-putting plant type and sun exposure the app will automatically provide the right amount of water required.

The app even knows when it rains! If it rains or is forecasted to rain it will adjust the watering schedule.

This smart sprinkler controller is really easy to install and works with platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

This is one of the top gardening gifts in this gardening gifts for men guide!

Clothing Can Make Really Nice Gardening Gifts For Men

When you are thinking of finding an awesome gift for your gardening friend, clothing may not be the first thing on your mind.

The majority of men don’t necessary like to shop for new clothing to wear while gardening.

If you think about it most men would jump at the idea of shopping for tools but new gardening clothes, not so much.

So why not, take advantage of this opportunity to buy some new gardening gear as a gift for that man in your life.

Most of us would like to protect ourselves from sun and other elements in the yard or garden.

This list of gardening clothing for men will keep him comfortable during a day in the garden no matter what the weather is like.

From gardening sun hats for men to gardening boots for men, we’ve got the man ion your gift list covered from head to toe.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

Now who doesn’t need a pair or two of new gardening gloves.

These bamboo gardening gloves are the perfect protection for any gardener. With dirt-proof palms and elastic wrists, you can still feel the plants, but won’t have to worry about mess. They’re also made of long-lasting bamboo that will last longer than synthetic materials, to give you more bang for your buck.

Forget gardening. With bamboo working gloves, you can get all of the fun minus the pain. Slip them on for protection against thorns, bacteria, splinters, and more. They’re even machine washable!

Gardening Sun Hats For Men

A good gardening sun hat offers protection from the sun and other elements that may be harmful to your skin and will also protect your eyes and ears from stray branches and insects like mosquitos. So give him a gift that will protect him from the elements.

Gardening Pants For Men

When it comes to gardening you want a pair of pants that are tough enough to withstand anything. The gardening pants for men below are made to withstand the toughest work conditions and every casual occasion in between, this collection has your back.

You might want to check out some of these men’s gardening pants as well.

Gardening Boots For Men

If you’re looking for a boot or shoe that’s great for yard work or gardening in wet weather, this is a nice choice.

The Muckster II Ankle is ideal for any chore or task where there is mud, slush or rain. These boots feature 4mm Neoprene and the traditional Muck Airmesh lining that allows for breathability. You can slip them on and you will always feel dry and comfortable.

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Gardening Gifts for Men Who Are Not Particularly Enthusiastic About Gardening

He’s weeded the garden and mowed the grass. What better way to reward him then with a gardening gift of a hammock.
Sitting in a hammock after a long day of work is so relaxing- even better when the gardener has been working all day and it’s time for them to take a break! Just add a few pillows and a good gardening book for an awesome relaxing afternoon.

Start Giving The Gift Of A Beautiful Garden This Season With These Gardening Gifts For Men!

These unique gifts are perfect for any man who enjoys spending time in the garden.
Some men are not particularly enthusiastic about gardening.

It is hard to imagine someone who would not enjoy sitting outside on a beautiful day, watering plants, staring at the flowers…

But, if there are some men out there that don’t find gardening enjoyable, this article is for them! We have gathered some of the most unique gifts that will make their gardening experience more pleasant.
We hope you enjoyed our list of gardening gifts for men!

And if you’re still searching for the perfect gift, check out our other articles – they may offer an even better idea!

Gardening Gifts for men

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