Are you looking for a Prelit LED Christmas Tree for the Holidays?

Prelit LED Christmas Tree

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When it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, you already know that buying a prelit one will save you a great deal of time over the hassle of stringing a tree with lights you do yourself.

But buying a prelit LED Christmas tree can also save on energy usage, which in turn translates to money saved for you in the long run. LED lights only use 10% of the energy that regular lights use.

That makes LED lights a greener way to celebrate the holidays, but they also look pretty awesome while saving energy. These lights come in bright white or warm white and they also come in multicolor as well.

6′ Artificial Fiber Optic w/ LED Lights Holiday Lighted Christmas Tree

These lights give off the same brilliant glow as regular lights and yet, they stay cooler to the touch. That means you won’t have any branch needles melting onto the lights and no one will get burned if they touch one of these lights – even if it’s been on for hours.

Saving time putting up separate lights and safety are just two reasons to choose a prelit LED Christmas tree. A third reason to buy this type of tree is because LED lights are longer lasting. They outlast regular lights in some cases by years. And you want to invest in a tree that you’re going to be able to use for many holiday seasons to come.

Looking at some of the specifications on trees with LED lights, you’ll see that they still offer you plenty of wide branches to house even an extensive collection of ornaments. They offer the same one light rule – if one light goes out, the others will remain on and they also come with the stand for easy set up.

Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7′ Green Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Multicolor Lights and Stand

The lights have a locking system that keeps them steady in place without them being able to be knocked out easily. These are great trees for people with rambunctious pets or curious children.

The lights can be set with a timer so they’ll come on at a regularly scheduled time. Long, lush looking needles give the prelit tree a fresh, just cut appearance that makes the tree look realistic.

You can get a prelit LED with a few lights or many – and they come in the slim style as well as traditional. The height of the tree is comparative to a prelit tree made with regular lights and you can get tabletop LED lit trees as well.

The tree has two-tone branches and is flame-retardant. Prelit trees with LED lights look great outdoors and you can get LED trees that are cordless to really make your home look nice for the holidays.


Find The Perfect Prelit LED Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a reasonable priced led Christmas tree that is quite beautiful you’ll want to have a closer look at this tree.

First of all this is a 7.5 foot artificial spruce tree with hinged branches that features 550 Dual Color LED low voltage lights.
The dual Color LED lights means that you can have both multi colored lights or white lights which are controlled by a foot switch to turn off and on and to change colors.

If one light burns out the rest of the lights stay on. Another nice thing about the lights on this tree is that they are on the softer side, not the harsh bright bluish color that most LED lights are.

This tree comes with it’s own metal stand and extra bulbs along with a reusable storage container. The tree is non-allergenic and is fire resistant.

One thing that we found was really unique is that this National Tree/pre lit led Christmas tree comes with a five year warranty and three year warranty on the lights.


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