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Slim Prelit Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

comfy christmas ftc disclosureSometimes the one-size-fits-all Christmas tree doesn’t work for everyone. The problem with most modern apartments or condos is that there just isn’t enough space for a wide base tree. Even a lot of new homes now have limited space for full size Christmas trees whether they are real or artificial. Even if your house is a moderate size you might not want to move heavy cumbersome furniture around in order to accommodate a large tree. A slim prelit christmas tree might just be the solution you are after.

So what do you do when you want a Christmas tree but you just don’t have the space. For whatever reason, you’ll still be able to put up a gorgeous Christmas tree, however, it will be much slimmer than the regular full size wide-base Christmas tree.


Solution: Find Pencil Christmas Trees or a Slim Prelit Christmas Tree

Haven’t heard of them yet? Well, a Slim Prelit Christmas Tree is not much different than the regular Christmas tree except for the fact that they are made specifically with small space in mind. These Slim Prelit Christmas trees offer the same fullness of a wider base Christmas tree by doing so with a narrower build to the Christmas tree’s branches.

What you end up with is a Christmas tree with a longer triangle shape that will still give you plenty of ornament space. The nice thing about a slim prelit Christmas tree is that it can come decorated with lights only or with added holiday accessories that are ideal for the season.

You’ll find Christmas trees with tapered tips that will most certainly give your home a welcoming, warm, holiday feel. Some of the led prelit slim Christmas trees come with over 1,000 branch tips on a tree.

10′ Pre-Lit Champagne Ashley Spruce Pencil Christmas Tree – Clear Lights

There is a wide range of different types of slim Christmas trees available. Some of the slim trees have tips that lie flat out and some of the tree tips ends curve gently allowing for tree models to be frosted or non frosted. It all depends on the look you are after. No matter what look you  decide on these prelit slim Christmas trees look very real once decorated.


How Many Lights Come With The Slim Prelit Christmas Tree?

Natural Fraser 7.5′ Green Slim Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 1000 Pre-Lit Clear Lights with Stand

With the Slim Prelit Christmas Tree, there is a range of 200 lights all the way to 650 lights to 1000 Prelit clear lights per tree.
The lights for the slim prelit Christmas tree are set up in a way that if one single bulb blows out it won’t shut down the rest of the lights. One more thing if you’d like to set up a dimmer switch for the lights on the Christmas this is possible and replacement fuses and bulbs are included.

Some of these prelit slim Christmas trees come with extra extension cords some of the models have a foot control so that you don’t have to bend over to unplug or plug the Christmas tree.
There are also some models of the prelit slim Christmas tree that have there own remote controls so that you can easily turn the lights on or off.

Slim prelit Christmas trees come with hinged branches, which make setting up the Christmas tree super easy and only takes a matter of minutes.

These slim prelit trees come in the same heights as regular wider Christmas trees, so you don’t have to worry about settling for a tree that is way to short for your intended space.

Many of these regular and tall slim artificial Christmas trees come with a free storage bag or storage box for easy storage of your tree once the holidays are over.

These slim trees look fantastic as a main tree in your living or family room, but they’re also the ideal size if you you are decorating a guest room for family or friends that visiting for the holidays.


Buy Slim Prelit Christmas Trees


Slim Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with 500 Clear lightsWintry Pine Slim Tree, Hinged, 400 Clear Lights Ashland Tree with clear 300 Light and 516 Tips, 5-Feet by 35-Inch, Slim  Spruce Christmas Tree, Pre-Lit with Clear Lights, Stand Included! Slim Fir Artificial Tree with 1000 Pre-Lit Clear Lights with StandClassic Pine Pre-lit Pencil Christmas Tree


Colored Slim Prelit Christmas Trees

If you are looking for something a little different you might like these prelit colored Christmas trees. They are perfect for anyone who has not much space and would like to add a little themed color to their Christmas decor.

If you are looking for a designer pink Christmas tree this 12 foot Slim Prelit tree comes from the Ashley Spruce Designer Collection. This tree is simply gorgeous with it’s designer pink lights with matching wire with a mixture of clear and pink bulbs. If you are looking for a special tree you’ll won’t find one like this at your local department store.

The tree has a 1600 prelit miniature pink and clear lights but if one of those 1600 bulbs happens to burn out all the rest will stay on. The tree itself is made with a hinged branch construction and comes in seven pieces which are easy to assemble. Along with the tree there is a stand that is included.

This tree is a slim profile but measures 12 feet high and 70 inches at it’s widest point. The first row of branches are only 7 inches from the floor.

This tree when decorated is simply stunning, so if you are after something unique and pink is your color this tree would be perfect!

The Ashley Spruce Designer Collection comes in a variety of colors if Pink just doesn’t seem to be your color.

Slim Prelit Christmas Trees in a Rainbow of Colors

Vickerman Slim Fir Pre-lit Christmas TreePre-Lit Slim Fir Tree with 400 Lights PurpleVickerman 324709 – 6.5′ x 34Vickerman Pink Slim Fir Pre-lit Christmas TreeVickerman Tinsel Red Tree with 500 LightsVickerman Chartreuse Pencil Christmas TreeVickerman White Slim Fir Tree with 500 Clear Light by 40-InchPre-Lit Slim Fir Tree with 200 Clear Lights, 4.5-Feet, CopperVickerman Pre-Lit Slim Fir Tree with 500 Mini Lights, 7.5-Feet, AquaPre-Lit Orange Fir Slim Christmas Tree – Orange LightsVickerman Black Slim Fir Tree with 500 Clear Light



Flocked Slim Prelit Christmas Tree

If you are one of those people who feel like there’s nothing that says Christmas quite like fresh snow on the trees, then you will appreciate these lovely Flocked Slim Prelit Christmas trees.

This is a very pretty flocked Christmas tree that comes prelit with the lights already attached to the tree. The lights are actually wrapped on the tree and do not come off. This makes the tree very easy to put up and it looks beautiful even without any decorations but of course what is a Christmas tree without Christmas ornaments.

This flocked Utica Fir tree  is made up of a hinged branch construction and comes with a metal stand. The tree measures 7 ft. 6 inches by 43 inches wide and comes with 400 Clear Dura-Lit Lights. It

More Beautiful Flocked Slim Prelit Christmas Trees

Flocked Slim Utica Tree with 400 Clear LightsPre-Lit Slim Tree Flocked White on WhiteSlim Tree flocked multicoloed 300 lights9′ Pre-Lit Flocked Layered Utica Fir Slim Christmas TreePre-Lit Flocked Cupcake Pink Spruce Slim Christmas TreeFlocked Slim Utica Tree with 400 Light Multicolored

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