Dealing With Holiday Stress

With the holiday season fast approaching many of you are searching for helpful hints for dealing with holiday stress. Granted no matter how much we try there’s always going to be a little stress during the the holidays but hopefully these six tips will help you reduce holiday stress even just a little.

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6 Tips For Easily Dealing With Holiday Stress

1. Delegate

Putting on the absolute perfect holiday get together might be great for your ego, but it could also leave you frazzled with sleepless nights before your well planned holiday celebration. First of all is don’t try and do it all on your own, delegate tasks. Get your immediate family involved, get your spouse to pick up last minute items at the store; put your kids to work vacuuming and tiding up around the house. If your guests ask if they can help or bring something, don’t be afraid to ask or let them know how they can help.

2. Keep An Eye On The Clock.

If you need to go to the post office or grocery store, try and shop when it’s not so chaotic and plan your trips so that you can avoid impossible parking, long lineups, and crazed shoppers. Avoiding these few things will really help to keep your cool. If that’s impossible to fit in you schedule, then again delegate.

3.  Give Your Hands a Break! 

When thinking about all the holiday invitations, Christmas cards, and thank you notes that need to write, see if you can find some return address labels or print them out on your computer. This will make it much easier to send out your cards. I know it may sound simple but many of us don’t realize how much time we can save by this one little hint. Also, put your kids to work putting the labels on the envelops, they’ll have fun helping.

4.  This One is A Must “Stay Healthy”. 

The holiday season is also the time of the year when the flu bug comes around so make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each day, and don’t forget to take your vitamins and drinks enough fluid. All to many times we get get caught up caring for our family, guests and friends that we forget taking care of ourselves.

5.  Shop Online

With the advancements of technology, computers and cell phones have made shopping much much easier. Although there is something oddly gratifying that goes with leaving the mall with a hands filled with shopping bags, doing your shopping online can easily eliminate the total insanity of the holiday in-store experience.  There are plenty of online stores  that will offer free shipping, and not only that they give guarantee dates to ”receive by Christmas”. So it’s much easier to shop online, save time and avoid the crazed consumer mobs flocking to your local malls.

6.  Finally Remember Why We Celebrate The Season.

I know that you want everything to be perfect but instead of letting the stress and unforeseen circumstances overwhelm you, take a minute to think back of just why your family and friends are getting together. It’s not about perfection, it’s the joy of each others company.
Add just a few of these tips to your holidays to help you with dealing with holiday stress and watch some of your tension melt away and most of all don’t obsess over unfinished tasks.  That is precisely what family is for.

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