electric christmas train sets

Electric Christmas Train Sets – Why They’re a Cherished Holiday Tradition and Why do People Decorate Using Electric Christmas Train Sets?

Hey there, festive fam! 🎄✨ If you’ve ever set foot in a beautifully adorned Christmas home, you might’ve noticed a charming tradition that many of us adore: the Christmas train set. As the tiny locomotive weaves its path around the base of twinkling trees, one can’t help but wonder – why do so many people decorate using Christmas train sets?

Let’s embark on a journey to find out more about Electric Christmas Train Sets!

electric christmas train sets

Historians can’t be really certain about the exact date of when this tradition began, but it was around a century ago.
The idea for the holiday train first came about in the late 1800s, when it was used to deliver gifts and toys to children who lived far away from their families during the holidays.
It was also used as a sort of advertisement for businesses and towns that were along the route.

Electric toy train manufacturer Lionel started making trains to go around the Christmas tree in the early 20th century, and it was at that time such toys first became popular.

Kids were more familiar with trains than cars at the time so toy train sets were a popular Christmas gift. Kids would open their presents on Christmas morning and then of course they wanted to assemble and play with their toys after opening.

An interesting fact is that in those early days, Santa would often appear in many railroad advertisements leading up to Christmas, encouraging the people to travel by train. The invention of the toy Electric Christmas Train Sets in the early 1900s tied trains with Christmas even more tightly.

electric christmas train set on a track in a winter village


1. Nostalgia Express:

For many, Christmas train sets are a heartwarming trip down memory lane. Perhaps they remember a childhood where they would excitedly play with the train, racing it around the tree, and making festive ‘choo choo’ noises. It’s not just about the train; it’s about the timeless memories attached to it.

2. The Magic of Movement:

Static decorations are beautiful, no doubt. But there’s something utterly captivating about adding an element of movement to your festive decor. The rhythmic motion of the train, combined with the sparkling lights and ornaments, brings the entire Christmas setup to life!

3. A Tale of Traditions:

Christmas is rich with traditions, from stockings to mistletoes. The train set has found its place in this rich tapestry of festive rituals. For some families, setting up the Christmas train has become an annual event, eagerly anticipated by both young and old.

4. A Scene-Setter:

Many Christmas train sets come with delightful miniature villages, snow-covered trees, and even tiny people. It’s a way to create a mesmerizing mini-Christmas world right in your living room!

5. For the Love of Trains:

Let’s face it, trains have a universal appeal. They symbolize adventure, journey, and connections. What better time to celebrate these themes than Christmas, when we cherish connections and embark on the adventure of a new year?

electric christmas train set 2


Decorating with Christmas train sets is more than just a festive flourish; it’s a dive into memories, traditions, and stories that warm our hearts each winter. If you haven’t jumped onto the Christmas train wagon yet, maybe this is your year. And if you’re already a fan, here’s a high-five to keeping traditions alive and tracks busy! 🚂🎄

electric christmas train sets

If you’re looking to delve deeper into heartwarming Christmas traditions, stories, and decor ideas, don’t forget to chug along through the other posts on our Comfy Christmas website. Wishing you a season filled with joy, memories, and maybe, just maybe, a tiny locomotive circling your tree!

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