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Are you looking for something different for your outdoor Christmas decorations? Why not add a “Bumble” the abominable snowman yard decoration to your Christmas outdoor fantasy scene. If you want to see smiles and giggles from all the kids in your neighbour hood than adding an abominable snowman yard decoration will make your Christmas yard and house display one of the most popular on the block.

If you have had a chance to watch “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” you’ll understand why Bumble the abominable snowman has found his way into the hearts of not only children but adults as well.

Bumbles is the main antagonist character in the video and was named by the one and only Cornelius. Now Bumble the Snow Monster spends all of his time chancing Rudolph, Hermey and Yukon and seems to enjoy all the misfit adventures that go along with the chase.

Rudolph’s glowing red nose just simply brings out the worse in Bumble and drives this Snow Monster into fits of rage especially  when it comes to Christmas. Did I mention that Bumble dislikes anything that has to do with Christmas?

So why not bring Bumble home with you and find a special place in your Christmas yard decoration set up. Now if you’ve decided  that adding an abominable snowman yard decoration to your front yard is what you want this year then take a gander at some of the these abominable snowman yard decorations and see which one you like the best.

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If your kids love Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer they’ll just adore this officially licensed Bumble Christmas 3D decoration.
This Bumble decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors but if you are planning on setting him up outdoors make sure you set Bumble under a covered area like a porch or some sort of cover.

This Christmas abominable snowman decoration features:

  • Bumble is 32 inches high by 19 inches wide and 8 inches deep.
  • Bumble is made of wire/faux fur/fabric/metal/glass bulbs/plastic/
  • easy to assemble  with on three pieces
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Bumble comes with his own set of mini clear lights with multi colored light bulb covers
  • comes with pre-lit mini lights
comes with 28” lead cord, 1 plug and end connector to allow for stacking of multiple lighted decorations.
Bumble comes with spare bulbs and fuses and ground stakes

Rudolph Lawn Bumble Animated Lights Outdoor Tree DisplayCheck Price56” 150 Light Abominable Snowman with StarCheck Price


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Do you have an outdoor Christmas display that is missing Bumble bumble the abominable snowman.

Well, than have a look at some of these adorable abominable snowman outdoor Christmas decorations that are inflatable.

Pick one and you’ll be smiling overtime you  go home and see him guarding your front yard.

Santa, Bumble the abominable snowman and Rudolph pulling Santa’s  sleigh would make the perfect addition to your Christmas outdoor  decorations. This Christmas Airblown inflatable measure 96 inches by 46 inches and 68 inches deep, self-inflates and lights up beautifully in just seconds. Adaptor, stakes and tethers are included. If you are only looking for an inflatable Bumble Abominable Snowman Yard Decoration than here are a few I’ve found.

6 FT TALL WITH PLUSH MATERIALCheck PriceAbominable Snowman Inflatable 5.5′Check Price3 Ft Inflatable with LED LightingCheck Price3′ Abominable Snowman & Pathway Markers Bundle!Check Price

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I hope you have found what you were after and that you picked out the perfect Bumble Abominable Snowman Yard Decoration for your outdoor Christmas decorations.

If you would to find some more Bumble Abominable Snowman decorations than you might be interested in these:


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