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Are you looking for mint green Christmas tree ornaments and decorations for this season? Mint and lime green are new favorite when it comes to decorations for the holiday season.

Why the color green? Green is is totally abundant in nature and signifies growth and renewal. Green is a restful soothing color and has much of the calming effects of blue.

There are so many shades of green and mint green is only one of them. Regardless of the exact shade of green you are after or if you’d like to use a number of different shades of green you’ll find some great ideas on this page.

As for myself I’m slowly collecting different Christmas ornaments in a variety of green.

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Below is A Great Selection of Mint Green Christmas Ornaments

If you choose this soft shade of mint green it will give your decorated Christmas tree a dreamy effect versus my examples of the vibrant kiwi lime Christmas tree ornaments on this page. Either way adding green ornaments to your Christmas decor is simply elegant which ever way you look at it.


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Hоw To Elegantly Decorate Your Christmas Tree Using Ribbon and Mint Green Christmas Ornaments

I love the effect of ribbon on these Christmas trees. The mint green Christmas ornaments along with the makes a very elegant decorated Christmas. Adding ribbon versus tensile is much more elegant and besides tensile саn bе vеrу messy.  If уоu wаnt tеnѕіlе to be elegant, уоu lіtеrаllу hаvе tо рut thе tеnѕіlе оn strand by strand so that уоu саn gеt the реrfесt tеnѕіlе look vеrѕuѕ tаkіng thе tensile and putting bіg globs оn thе Christmas trее the way that уоu mау hаvе dоnе whеn уоu wеrе a kid.

But when you are tаlkіng about еlеgаnсе,  you tеnd tо uѕе ribbon іnѕtеаd оf instead оf the tеnѕіlе because tensile іѕ vеrу time соnѕumіng if you аrе gоіng tо рut it on again strand by strand.One thing when you are using ribbon is that you make sure you have enough ribbon. When placing the ribbon on the tree you should make sure that you spread the ribbon through out the tree in all parts of it.

The ribbon acts as another filler while adding a vital touch to your Christmas tree. It should also be the last thing you add to your Christmas tree and of course your Christmas lights should be the thing you put on your tree.

This Video Shows You How to Make Ribbon Look Great on Your Tree Along With Your Green Ornaments

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How to Decorate The Perfect Christmas Tree

In this video Jim Marvin shows you how to decorate your Christmas again with Green ornaments and ribbons.

Jim Marvin has  designed and decorated the White House Christmas trees for the past 14 years. He gives you step by step instructions for decorating the perfect Christmas tree.

When Jim Marvin starts out in the process of decorating a tree for Christmas whether it’s a real tree or an artificial one, he begins with making sure the tree is well shaped.

The first thing that is placed on the tree are the Christmas tree lights. Now, what Jim does is he starts out with some ribbon trim and with so many different beautiful ribbons available on the market today it will not be too difficult to find the perfect match for your Christmas decor.

Once you have placed the ribbon on your tree, next Jim likes to add some natural glittery elements to the tree doing an overlay by placing the natural materials throughout the tree by tucking them into bare spots.

Then he takes his large glass ornaments and hangs them with floral wire inside the tree branches filling those spaces so that the fancier ornaments can be placed on the outside branches of the tree.

Jim focuses his decorating on small cluster and then he repeats the idea of each cluster throughout the Christmas tree until it is all filled.

Then he uses glittery lacey clip-ons around the tree in the color that goes with the Christmas tree ornaments and adds it to  each of the clusters on the tree. He follows this method duplicating each cluster until the whole tree is totally decorated.

Jim Marvin is a master at Christmas tree decorating. Be sure to watch his video to get some points for your own Christmas Tree decorating.

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Here is a stunning decorated Christmas Tree that used both green ornaments and loads of ribbons and natural elements to give you an idea of how to use those mint green Christmas ornaments along with some kiwi green ornaments. i love the look of this Christmas tree and by taking a closer look at the decorated tree you’ll notice how they brought in some of nature into there tree.

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I hope you were inspired by some of the ideas on this page and found what you were looking.
Thanks so much visiting and if you have any questions please leave the below.

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