An extensive list of 23 family fun winter activities.
Do you often get stuck with planning the families winter fun activities?

23 Family Fun Winter Activities f

If yes, then think no more because this comprehensive list of 23 winter fun activities is all you’ll ever need.

When it comes to all the seasons, winter undoubtedly holds a unique charm of its own. From light blowing cool breezes to severe weather snowstorm, it certainly has much more to offer beyond one’s imagination.

As we approach the winter season again, it’s worth thinking about different ways to spend your time. Pre-planning activities ensures you won’t miss out and will get to enjoy making more memories.

This article covers an extensive list of 23 winter fun activities that will give you enough ideas to keep you and your family engaged in having something unique and exciting to do throughout the season.

 Family Fun Winter Activities For The Ultimate Cold Weather Experience.

Whether you are more inclined towards indoor winter activities for families or outdoor winter activities, the following list includes various winter fun activities in both categories.

family fun winter activities snowball fight in snowy woodland

Outdoor Family Fun Winter Activities

Fresh air, sunlight, and physical activity are essential for your everyone’s mental and physical well being.

Additionally,if the members of your family are going to engage in winter sports, like snowboarding, skiing, hockey or skating you need to make sure that everyone is equipped with helmets and other safety gear.

Here are some fun winter activities your family can do if you live in a cold climate:

1. Snowman or snow fort building challenge.

Include rewards and cool winter treats to see who, or which team performs the best. When done, do not forget to take   photos of the snowman or fort with the person or team that built it to create long-lasting memories.

  • Host a snow sculpture competition
  • Have a snowball fight

2. Go Sledding or Snow tubing .

Go with your friends and family to a nearby hillside for sledding.

Don’t forget the soup and hot chocolate keep you warm and enjoy a little party when you’re done.

3. Watch parades or attend holiday season events.

Because it’s the holiday season, many things such as parades and other events are happening in your community.

See what excites you and then join the crowd with your family.

family fun winter activities hockey and skating on a pond

4.  Build an ice rink and go ice skating.

With the winter season at its peak and no reduction in the freezing temperatures, perhaps a little bit of ice skating in your own backyard ice rink wouldn’t at all be a bad idea to try.

Ask everyone to join in the fun of building the ice rink, even your neighbors, and then enjoy ice skating and other games as the day passes.
5.  Ice skating or Pond hockey

6.  Hold a bonfire or have a small barbeque around winter campfire.

Invite some friends and family members for a small barbeque around a winter campfire in the backyard.

Share stories, tell jokes, and play games for more fun and excitement.

7. Winter hike.

Perhaps a morning or an evening in a park or nearby woods for a winter hike could unfold some of nature’s wonders that come as a gift with the winter season.

family fun winter activities hiking after a snowfall

8.   Go on a winter photo scavenger hunt
9.   Snowshoeing

family fun winter activities Family Snowshoeing
10.  Stargazing

11. Skiing, Downhill or Cross-country or Snowboarding

12. Ice Fishing

family fun winter activities father teaching kids to icefish


13.  Enjoy a sunny day.

While it may not be as hot as a normal summer day, spending some outdoor time on a sunny day to feel the warmth of the winter season can be as good as a beach day. Prepare some hot chocolate or other hot treats for a better experience.

Indoor Fun Winter Activities

1.  Plan Your New Year’s Resolution.

Create a Vision Board for the new year. Plan all the things you want in your life over the next 12 months.

Make it a party with the whole family!

See what you have accomplished during the current year, what mistakes to avoid in the coming year, and then set goals accordingly.
2. Movie Marathon

Plan to spend a weekend in the winter watching everyone’s favorite movies while cuddling under thick warm blankets.


3. Hold a Board Game or Video Game Tournament or Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle Together as a Family.

4. Snowman Pancakes and Cookies.

There is literally nothing better than getting to eat some freshly baked homemade cookies and pancakes right out of the oven in the winter season.

Try this activity for breakfast or as snacks for the afternoon or evening tea.

5. Winter Wreath.

DIY wreath ideas are popular for making simple yet beautiful home decorations.

Make a winter wreath and place it in the living room, on your house door, or even over your fireplace to commemorate the winter holiday season.

6. Giveaway Your Old Stuff.

As the year is about to end, why not show some support to your community by giving back to those in need.

Gather the family to sort what household items to keep, donate and throw away.

Donations can be made to local shelters for battered women and the homeless.

7. Go For a Family Swim at a Pool

8.  DIY Bird Feeders.

There is a huge amount of plastic waste on this planet.

So, before you plan to throw away any milk jugs or detergent bottles, why not consider reusing them for a better purpose?

Check online for simple and easy DIY videos to make bird feeders and other cool stuff and show how responsible you are.

9. DIY Holiday Cards.

While there are a lot of technologically driven ways to wish the holiday season to your loved ones, nothing feels as good as receiving a DIY holiday card.

Design different themed DIY holiday cards for each family member and loved one who lives far away but is dearly missed.

10. Stress Relieving Coloring

Final Thoughts Fun Winter Activities To Do With The Family

While winter provides its own set of challenges, there’s plenty to enjoy with your family.

If you struggle to find activities that keep your family active, don’t give up.

Keep trying new things. In fact, you might even take turns picking activities each week for the family to try.

When everyone in your family keeps moving, you will all stay physically and emotionally healthier throughout the winter.

The Bonus is you’ll teach your kids healthy habits that just might stick with them throughout their life.

Hopefully this list of family fun winter activities will help ensure the making of fond memories for you and them.

23 Family Fun Winter Activities
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