Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Making 3D Santa Claus Greeting Cards!

How to make 3D Santa Clause Greeting Cards

Are you looking for some fun Christmas crafts to do with your kids or maybe you are the type of person who just loves to give out homemade crafts and these Santa Claus Greeting Cards will make the perfect addition to your holiday gift giving season? So, if you want to stand out this coming Christmas holiday season and impress the ones you love think about giving out some of your very own handcrafted charming 3D Santa Claus greeting cards?

Or maybe you’re just a crafter who wants to showcase your kid’s talents to your friends and family members?  If yes, then this tutorial is perfect for you!

Santa Claus is an iconic personality during the Christmas season and kids and the kids at heart love him. Together with him and a bunch of reindeer, Santa Claus is believed to give gifts to good kids during the Christmas.

Santa is known to be a jolly old fat guy who carries a big red bag of gifts that have his little elves working overtime year round in his own toy factory at the North Pole,so that he can spread joy and happiness to all the little girls and boys around the world.

Even though technology has already invaded our daily lives, old school traditions like giving holiday cards are really appreciated by many people. I personally know that there is nothing that pleases me more than receiving a handmade card from one of my grandchildren or from a dear friend.

The time and the effort that is exerted into writing personal notes or even making your own holiday card is such a heartwarming gesture. You can still find Holiday and Christmas cards  in the stores but they are commonly stereotyped.

So many people are already craving for more unique Christmas cards and what better way to give a unique special Christmas card than by creating them yourself or with your kids.

Creating your own charming 3D Santa Claus Greeting Cards is a much better alternative. This is the best holiday Christmas card that you can ever give to your loved ones, so why don’t we start making one right now!

Your kids will love the chance to all get together as a family and have a fantastic time making these cute 3D Santa Claus Greeting Cards.


Supplies For Making These 3D Santa Claus Greeting Cards

Santa Clause Greeting Cards tools and materials


Prepare all materials needed:

  • a piece of cardboard
  • crafting felt (red, black and yellow)
  • 2 pcs googly eyes
  • copper wire
  • cotton or cotton balls
  • round nose micro pliers
  • diagonal cutting pliers
  • a pair of scissors
  • hot glue

Step By Step Easy Instructions For This Charming Santa Claus Greeting Card

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 1

Step 1:  Fold the cardboard into two equal parts. This holiday Santa card would be done in portrait orientation. This folded cardboard will be the card’s main body.

Step 2 - Santa Claus Greeting Cards

Step 2: Cut a strip of red felt. The width should be at least 3 to 4 centimeters and the length would depend on the width of the cover of the folded cardboard.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 3

Step 3: Hot glue the red felt strip on the extreme bottom of the cardboard cover.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 4

Step 4: Cut a strip of black crafting felt.  The width of this is around 2 to 3 centimeters and the length would be the same as the width of the card’s cover.  This will serve as the belt of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 5

Step 5: Place the belt in the middle of the red strip and hot glue it on the red body.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 6

Step 6:  Cut a small square from the yellow crafting felt that has the same dimensions in reference to the width of the belt.  This will be the buckle of the belt.  Cut a smaller square in the middle of this to create a small square hole.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 7

Step 7:  Hot glue the buckle of the belt in the middle of it.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 8

Step 8:  Hot glue a pair of eyes in the middle of the cardboard just on the extreme top of Santa’s clothing.  This should be placed approximately on the upper thirds of the card.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 9

Step 9:   Cut a small piece or red felt.  This will be used as the nose of Santa.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 10

Step 10:   Hot glue the nose just below the eyes.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 11

Step 11:   Roll several pieces of cotton using the palm of your hands.  If you already have cotton balls, then skip this step.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 12

Step 12:    Carefully cover the sides of Santa’s face with cotton balls.  This will be Santa’s beard.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 13

Step 13:   Continue gluing cotton balls on the sides and the bottom or the neck part of Santa since he is known to have a thick and long white beard.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 14

Step 14:  Create a pair of glasses from the copper wire using the rounded long nose pliers.  Cut the excess wire.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 15

Step 15:  Hot glue the glasses just in front of Santa’s eyes.  Make sure to place it in a leaning position towards the nose of Santa.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 16

Step 16:   Cut a Santa cap from the red crafting felt.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 17

Step 17:   Hot glue the red cap on the topmost part of Santa’s face.  Make sure to leave a small space in between the face and the cap.  This will give some provision for Santa’s hair.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 18

Step 18:   Add more cotton balls on the space in between the cap and the face.  This will be Santa’s hair.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 19

Step 19:  Hot glue a cotton ball on the tip of Santa’s hat.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 20

Step 20:   Write your personal holiday greetings inside the card.

Santa Claus Greeting Card - Step 21 finished

Step 21:   Tada!  Done and ready!  This charming Santa card can now be given to your friend or even a family member!

I hope you had loads of fun with this tutorial on how to make super cute 3D Santa Claus Greeting Cards. Use your imagination and add some glitter or sparkle to Santa Claus Card and don’t stop there try your hand at making an elf card or maybe a cute reindeer card! There is something special about Christmas and crafts that go together! So start making some really special Santa Claus Greeting Cards today!

If you have any questions please leave them below and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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