How To Wrap Christmas Gifts That Are Impossible To Wrap

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Are you wondering how to wrap Christmas gifts that are almost impossible to wrap?

Sometimes gift wrapping can be a challenge. Here’s a  common scenario that we all encounter atlas once or twice during the holiday season. Picture this, you’ve just found the ideal gift for that special person on your list, but once you get it home you start to think of how in the world you are going to wrap this gift. It’s too late to go back to the store and have it professionally gift wrapped. It’s finally sunk in that all your good intentions on finding that perfect gift has left you with  the major task of trying to diquise the impossible-to-wrap gift.

There are are a few scenarios when it comes to the impossible to wrap gift like:

the gift is a digital purchase and it really doesn’t have a physical form that can be handled.
you just bought a gift that won’t even fit through the door let alone fit under the Christmas tree
the gift is an odd or weird shape and just won’t fit in a box

Here are a few ideas of how you can simply “wrap” even what you might think of as really the most impossible gift.

Gifts Without a Physical Form

In this modern digital age computers have brought us a whole new set of challenges to gift wrapping, those gifts like downloaded software, electronic books, or downloaded music. Some of the ideas below will help you to be able to still put that digital gift under the tree.

Buy or make a Christmas Card and then download the instructions for your digital gift and place them inside the Christmas card.

Another idea for gifting a digital product would be to buy a memory stick or thumb drive and copy the files onto the usb memory stick and wrap this up in a very special gift box along with the instructions or if you want you could actually burn the files of the digital gift on to a CD and wrap that up in a box and place it under the tree.

Gifts that have Really Odd Shapes

There are just some gifts that just are never intended to be wrapped but if you are determined to wrap your oddly shaped gifts check some of the ideas below.

Place a very large sheet of Christmas wrapping gift paper on the floor, make sure the design side is place down. Then place your gift in the middle of the wrapping paper, and then pull the 4 corners of the wrapping paper up and towards the middle. Now you can close the top by tying the corners with a colorful festive ribbon or string.

Gift bags are an easy popular method for wrapping an oddly shaped gift. All that you need to do is place the gift in the bag and cover it tissue paper that is brightly colored and maybe secure the handles of the bag with a ribbon and then tuck a card into the bag.

Gifts Too Big to Place Under a Tree

So if you have purchased and extra large gift, you’ll need to find a hiding place that is”safe”. Sometimes merchants will allow you to keep your large gift at their store until Christmas.
Alternate good hiding spots
A garage or maybe a storage shed if you are friends with your neighbour and they don’t mind then see if it’s ok to store your present  there until Christmas.
With the gift hidden in a safe place you could still “wrap” the gift and place it under the tree with one of the ideas you see below.

An easy way would be again to make or buy a Christmas card  and announce your gift inside the card. This makes it fun.

Another idea is to wrap a small item which might represent the present and place it under the tree. Make sure to pick an item that will give a hint of what the present and try not to reveal the secret immediately.
Just for an example, You might use a key chain to symbolize a new car ( now I personally would love a gift like that under my tree) or you might also use a bike tire pump to represent a new bike, or how about a house key for representing a brand new house (Now that would be a WOW gift). But I think you get the idea.
A toque or ski gloves could be a good pre-gift for a snowboard or skis.

So now it’s your turn to let your imagination go wild. Buy the gift that is the most appropriate gift for the person you are shopping for because there is always a way to wrap even the most impossible to wrap gift. Try out some of these fun gift wrapping ideas so that it can be placed “under the tree” even if it’s just a little something that will represent your special hard to wrap gift. I hope some of these suggestions have helped you figure out how to  wrap Christmas gifts that are impossible To Wrap.

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