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Here are some great tips for you and your family for healthy eating during the holidays.

I don’t know about you but I’ve found that for me the upcoming holidays especially between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is the most difficult time of the whole year to try and stick to a diet or for that matter to eat healthy. You find yourself being constantly tempted with treats and loads of sweets and not only that but we’re bombarded with just way too much food in general.

On this page I’d like to share with you a few simple tips that have really made a difference in the past as far as helping me to stay on track through the Christmas holidays and well into the New Year.

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 Easy Tips For Healthy Eating During The Holidays

  • First of all you need to make sure that before you go out to any sort of holiday gathering that you eat something healthy because you are going to be tempted by so much yummy food of every different kind and the majority of it is more than likely not that healthy for you.
    Also, don’t go too overboard and eat too much healthy food before you leave for you holiday party or gathering. Don’t have a huge meal before you go as you will have to eat something while you are there. The idea is not to be hungry when you arrive,or else you’ll end up overeating.
  • Make sure to drink water before you go as water gives you the sensation of being full. Also, alternating water with other drinks that have have a higher calorie content, like eggnog, alcoholic drinks, and hot chocolate makes a lot of sense while you are at the party. Especially since these sort of drinks have loads of hidden calories.
  • Try filing your plate first with good healthy foods. Raw veggies, turkey breast, roast pork and lean hammer great choices. But hold off on the dip because most of them are filled with excessive calories. Make sure to start with a nice salad and low fat dressing and finish with a plate of fresh fruit for dessert.
    Don’t forget a nice plate of salad with a low fat dressing and some fresh fruit for dessert.
  • Eat small meals throughout the day even during the holidays. Most people will skip meals during the day and then end up indulging in one super large meal along with the whole family. The thing with this is that if you starve yourself all day you will sure to overindulge and most of our holiday gatherings are in the evening which is the absolute worst time of the day to eat large meals.
  • It’s best to eat heathy snacks all day long and to especially sit down and have a good healthy breakfast. In this way you’ll be able to keep your blood sugar level and still enjoy the holidays. You surely don’t want to be grumpy because you didn’t eat all day or fall asleep early because you overate.
  • You don’t have to eliminate all your favorite holiday treats. Allowing yourself an occasional holiday treat is ok, because if you don’t you are likely to break down and devour more treats and cookies than you expect. The important thing to remember is to enjoy small bites or portions of your favorite holiday foods.
    If you have a soft spot for shortbread cookies then have one a day or maybe one every few days. This will give you the luxury of having a bit of your favorite treats but not overindulging  on them. This applies to all those holiday food we all love so much.
  • One nice thing about the busy holiday season is the fact that you have the perfect chance to burn off some extra calories while shopping. If you have the time doing a round of window shopping will burn some calories and so does parking your car a little ways from the mall. Every extra step counts when you’re thinking of indulging in the wonderful piece of cheesecake that’s waiting for you at the family gathering.
  • Need some extra motivation when it comes to walking?  Try wearing a pedometer or treat yourself to some wearable technology that will track calories throughout the day.
  • Finally one last tip don’t forget to take some time to rest and relax as the holiday season can be very stressful at times. Many people overeat when they are stressed or overtired especially during the holidays. Don’t forget to indulge in some “ME-TIME”. Do whatever it takes for you to to calm yourself down. Make time to go for a walk, get your nails done, schedule a day of personal pampering, take bath, or just sit yourself down in your favorite chair in front of the fireplace with a good book.Most of all, be sure to enjoy the holiday season and spend quality time with your whole family and remember  holidays are not just about eating your favorite foods. Healthy eating during the holidays is important but don’t forget it’s just as important to have fun during this very special season of the year and to also enjoy the occasional  cookie and treat.

Happy Holidays!


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