Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments

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I simply love Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments. If you are looking to add some simple elegance to your Christmas decorating, then adding a touch of shimmery elegance with an assortment of Mercury Glass Christmas ornaments will surely add a little magic to your Christmas festivities.

If you are wondering what mercury glass or as otherwise known as silvered glass is actually glass that is blown double walled and then silvered between the two layers of glass with a silver liquid solution and then the glass is sealed. Mercury glass was first produced in the earl 1800’s and is considered one of the first true art glass types.

New mercury glass can be easily distinquished from antique silvered glass by modern mercury glass lacks the double wall and  the solid bottoms that are completely different from the antique silvered glass.

Now back to our present day Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments. My first experience to mercury glass Christmas ornaments was when I was a child. I remember my mom taking out the Christmas box of decorations with such care and as she opened the box I felt as if I was gazing at magnificent precious jewels, each of her precious mercury ornaments was wrapped in tissue paper and waiting for it’s special place on out Christmas tree.

Now that I’m all grownup and have children and grandchildren of my own I love to collect Christmas ornaments and I’m always looking out for new mercury glass Christmas ornaments.

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Small Silver Ball Mercury GlassCHECK PRICETeardrop Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICESmall Silver Pine Cone Mercury GlassCHECK PRICEMini Silver Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICEMini Silver Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICESilver Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICE

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Vintage Green Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICEWhite Jeweled Heart Mercury GlassCHECK PRICESnow Glazed Turquoise Mercury GlassCHECK PRICEMercury Glass Bird OrnamentCHECK PRICEMini Vintage Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICEMini Silver Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICEMini Silver Mercury Glass OrnamentCHECK PRICESmall Gold Onion Mercury GlassCHECK PRICE

I hope that you picked up some ideas for buying Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments and if you have any questions please leave them below.

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